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Recent Decisions

Garcia v. Liberty Mutual Insurance Co.

Court: SD Tx  03/27/2019   District Court Adopts Magistrate Judge's Recommendation in Homeowner's Coverage Dispute that Payment of Appraisal Award Satisfies Insurer's Obligations

Fort Bend County v. Norsworthy

Court: Tx 14-Houston  03/21/2019   Court of Appeals Affirms Judgment against County in Worker's Compensation Subrogation Action

Swire v. Kempf

Court: WD Tx  03/08/2019   District Court Finds Removal Appropriate in light of Out-of-State Citizenship of Individual Defendant

Powell v. Valero Energy Corp.

Court: Tx 13- Corpus/Edbrg  02/28/2019   Appellate Court Reaffirms "Decided Bias" in Favor of Workers' Compensation Coverage, Extends Exclusive Remedy Defense to Purchaser of ROCIP Coverage

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