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The Insurance Law Section invites you to get published!

The Section allows members to publish shorter articles (typically 500–750 words with no footnotes required) about a variety of insurance law issues:

  • summarize a new court opinion;
  • offer a practice tip;
  • explore a new statute or proposed legislation;
  • highlight an industry issue;
  • provide insight into a niche topic; or
  • anything of interest to Section members!

Please email Blair Dancy for more information!

*Publication is not an express or implied endorsement of content on the part of the Insurance Law Section. The Section reserves full discretion to accept or reject articles as it sees fit.

Article Archives

Texas Supreme Court Rejects Language-based Exception to Eight-Corners Rule

The Court has addressed — and rejected — a language-based exception, under which an insurer’s duty to defend is determined by the claims alleged in the petition and the coverage provided in the policy documents.
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Texas Supreme Court Adopts Collusive-Fraud Exception to Eight Corners Rule

The Texas Supreme Court has—for the first time—expressly adopted an exception to the eight-corners rule, to be applied in cases where the insured and a third party fraudulently collude to secure a defense.
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Texas Supreme Court Rejects District Judge’s Exception to the “Eight-Corners Rule”

Jeffrey Glass recently wrote about a question, certified to the Texas Supreme Court by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, regarding the continuing validity of the “eight corners” rule.
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A Mediator’s Take on COVID-19

Does insurance cover COVID-19 losses? As our national economy slows to a crawl, many businesses are desperately searching for lifelines.
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Clarity from ‘Menchaca’ on Extracontractual Damages for Insureds Entitled to Policy Benefits

Have we mentioned that 'USAA Texas Lloyds Co. v. Menchaca' has changed things? 'Lyda Swinerton' is another example.
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Texas Supreme Court to Review Judge McBryde’s Exception to the Eight-Corners Rule

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals recently certified to the Texas Supreme Court, and the latter accepted, a question that could end up undermining the "eight corners" rule.
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New Texas Statutes Enforce Payment of Deductibles by Homeowners

Homeowners insurance policyholders and construction contractors should be aware of new law affecting payment of deductibles in Texas.
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Amended Statutes Governing Court Reporters May Affect You and Your Clients

The Texas Court Reporters Association initiated Senate Bill 891, Article 7, becomes effective September 1, 2019. The changes may affect how you do business with court reporters.
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Case Note: Barbara Technologies Corp. v. State Farm Lloyds

Payment of an appraisal award on a denied claim does not affect a carrier's potential liability for prompt pay damages under Texas Insurance Code § 542.060.
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Great Opportunities in the Face of Impending Regulations

The explosion of “Big Data” is revolutionizing our society and providing new opportunities for insurers and consumers.
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Fifth Circuit Departs from Precedent to Follow ‘Menchaca’

The Fifth Circuit recently acknowledged its precedent had mistakenly established “the opposite rule from that [set forth] in Vail” for the recovery of extra-contractual damages.
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Trial Practice: The Menchaca Jury Charge for Statutory Bad Faith

In Wall v. State Farm Lloyds, the First Court of Appeals addresses jury charge practice under USAA Tex. Lloyds Co. v. Menchaca, 545 S.W.3d 479 (Tex. 2018).
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