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The Insurance Law Section is an official, sanctioned section of the State Bar of Texas consisting of approximately 2,200 members. Membership is open to all members of the State Bar of Texas.

The Insurance Law Section serves to promote the understanding and development of Texas insurance law by providing high quality educational resources to the bench, bar, and public and by promoting collegiality among those with an interest in insurance law.

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The Insurance Law Section is governed by a Council elected from the Section membership at the Section’s annual meeting. Section officers are elected from and by the Council




Recent Decisions

Lackey v. Dement

Court: WD Tx  07/18/2019   Magistrate Judge Grants Hospital's Motion to Quash Discovery Seeking Reimbursement Rates with Insurers in Personal Injury Case

Redrick v. State Farm Lloyds

Court: Tx 5-Dallas  07/18/2019   Appellate Court Finds that Insured Failed to Preserve Error in Trial Court Regarding Conflicting Jury Answers, Leaving the Court only the Ability to Affirm the Judgment

Phillips v. American Bankers Insurance Co. of Florida

Court: Tx 1-Houston  07/16/2019   Appellate Court Agrees that Court had Plenary Power to Hear Post-Judgment Motion but Abused its Discretion in Awarding Sanctions for Insured's Failure to Attend an EUO after Case Dismissal

Liberty Surplus Insurance Corp. v. Century Surety Co.

Court: SD Tx  07/12/2019   District Court Finds Insurer is not Liable for Costs to Replace Defective Roof and Stucco but is Liable for Damaged Ceiling Tiles Despite No Specific Cost Allocation in Arbitration Award

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