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The Travelers Lloyds Insurance Co. v. Cruz Contracting of Texas, LLC

Court: Tx 14-Houston  09/07/2017  District Court Applies US Metals, Finds Coverage for Damages to Access Insured's Defective Work

Court agrees with insured that "damage to property" and "damage to impaired property" exclusions were not applicable, rules that attorneys' fees are not "damages" recoverable under CGL policy.

commercial general liability insurance, defective work, access damages, ",property damage",, physical injury, loss of use, application of U.S. Metals, ",occurrence",, accident, unexpected, unintended, during the policy period, actual injury rule, ",damage to property", exclusion, j.(5), j(5), performing operations, j.(6), j(6), ",impaired property", exclusion, attorneys', fees, damages because of ",property damage",

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