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Recent Decisions

Hernandez v. Unum Group

Court: ND Tx  06/04/2020   Ex-Wife's Claim to Life Insurance Proceeds Granted as ERISA Preempts State Law

Smith v. State Farm Lloyds

Court: ND Tx  06/01/2020   Homeowner Insurer's Motion for Summary Judgment Based on Nonrenewal Denied

State Farm Life Insurance Co. v. Bryant

Court: ND Tx  05/30/2020   District Court Strikes Alleged Beneficiary's Response to Motions to Dismiss and Enters Mixed Order on the Merits of the Motions

Texas Mutual Insurance Co. v. Mendez

Court: Tx 7-Amarillo  05/26/2020   Court of Appeals Affirms Finding of No Intoxication in Worker's Compensation Dispute but Remands on Issue of Award of Attorneys' Fees

In re Geico County Mutual Insurance Co.

Court: Tx 5-Dallas  05/19/2020   Court Restricts Scope of Permissible Discovery in Lawsuit Where Insurer Provided Auto Insurance Coverage for Both Parties

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