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Angelina Emergency Medicine Associates PA v. Health Care Service Co.

Court: ND Tx  12/10/2020  Court Issues Mixed Ruling on Motion to Dismiss in Complex Underpayment Case

In a case involving claims by physician associations against insurance companies and medical organizations for underpayment of claims for emergency health services provided by the PAs, a court of the Northern District of Texas issued a mixed ruling on motions to dismiss, dismissing the PAs' quantum meruit, Texas Insurance Code, and Prompt Payment claims with prejudice, dismissing the PAs' bad faith claims without prejudice, and denying dismissal of the PAs' claims bases on anti-assignment and various jurisdictional defenses.

ERISA, emergency health services, denial of benefits, underpayment, motion to dismiss, quantum meruit, Tex. Ins. Code Sec. 541 claims, Tex. Ins. Code Sec. 542 claims, breach of the duty of good faith and fair dealing claims, anti-assignment, ERISA, subject matter jurisdiction, personal jurisdiction, know your memes

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