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Recent Decisions

Sideman v. Farmers Group, Inc.

Court: 5th Cir  09/12/2018   Fifth Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Homeowners' Chapter 541 Claims based on Limitations

Dennis v. GEICO

Court: Tx 3-Austin  08/30/2018   Appellate Court Reverses Trial Court's Final Default Judgment in Automobile Liability Dispute

Zurich American Insurance Co. v. Diaz

Court: Tx 14-Houston  08/30/2018   Court of Appeals Finds a Fact Issue Exists as to Beneficiary's Good Cause in Late Claim for Death Benefits under Worker's Compensation Policy

In re OGA Charters, L.L.C.

Court: 5th Cir  08/24/2018   Fifth Circuit Holds that Proceeds of Auto Liability Policy are an Asset of a Bankruptcy Estate in Limited Circumstances

Marchbanks v. Liberty Insurance Corp.

Court: Tx 14-Houston  08/23/2018   Appellate Court Rejects Insured's Prompt Payment of Claims Act Claim based on Full and Timely Payment of Appraisal Award

Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. v. Trahan

Court: Tx 14-Houston  08/21/2018   Court of Appeals Applies Wedel Decision, Affirms Summary Judgment against Insurer in Worker's Compensation Subrogation Case

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