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To Protect Itself, Insurer Must Consider Agency Principles Before Issuing Payment to Joint Payees
by Eric Scott Peabody

Insurers frequently issue checks to multiple payees – usually to some combination of the insured, adjuster/third-party administrator, mortgagee or lienholder, and attorneys.  Carriers had long considered themselves protected when issuing payment to joint payees by simply including all payees on the check; if a bank cashed the check without the signature of all payees – or with the forged signature of a payee – liability for that error rested squarely with the bank. See, e.g., Benchmark Bank v. State Farm Lloyds, 893 S.W.2d 649, 651 (Tex. App.–Dallas 1994, no writ) (payment to joint payees discharged obligation under policy). But a set of 2014 opinions from the Texas Supreme Court and the Dallas Court of Appeals created significant uncertainty for insurers on this issue.  McAllen Hospitals, L.P. v. State Farm County Mutual Insurance Co. of Texas, 433 S.W.3d 535 (Tex. 2014); ViewPoint Bank v. Allied Property & Casualty Ins. Co.,439 S.W.3d 626 (Tex. App.–Dallas 2014, pet. denied).  In McAllen Hospitals, the court held that an insurer’s checks issued jointly to patients and a hospital (which had given notice of its liens pursuant to the Texas Hospital Lien statute) did not discharge its payment obligation to the hospital when the patients deposited the checks without obtaining the hospital’s endorsement.  433 S.W.3d at 540-41.  The court appli...(Continue)

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14th Annual Advanced Insurance Law Course

Join the Insurance Law Section and TexasBarCLE at the 14th Annual Advanced Insurance Law Course June 8-9, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort & Spa in San Antonio. Earn up ... (Continued)

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Court denies Motion to Remand due to improper joinder of adjuster  
Hidden Cove Park and Marine, et al v. Lexington Ins. Co., et al ED Tx 5/16/17—
Court denies Motion to Remand and finds that joinder of adjuster was improper due to boilerplate factual allegations
Court Overturns Its Precedent  
Chicas v. Texas Mutual Insurance Co. Tx 1-Houston 5/16/17—
The court has rejected its prior holding that Section 410.252 of the Texas Labor Code is jurisdictional meaning that the deadline for filing a suit for review is tolled if the claimant files in the wrong court.
District Court Remands Commercial Property Insurance Claim against Sales Agent  
The New World Baptist Church, LLC v. Nationwide Property and Casualty Insurance Co. WD Tx 5/12/17—
Court finds that sufficient allegations of representations by agent exist to support potential claim.
District Court Grants Motion to Remand in Commercial Property Dispute  
Arlington Heights Memorial Post No. 8234 VFW v. Covington Specialty Insurance Co. ND Tx 5/10/17—
Court finds reasonable basis exists to assert claim against insurance adjuster under Texas Insurance Code.
District Court Holds that Plan Administrator's Interpretation of "Medically Necessary" was Legally Correct  
Baker v. Aetna Life Insurance Co. ND Tx 5/9/17—
Court finds that insurer correctly determined that surgery for gender transition process was not medically necessary.
Appellate Court Withdraws and Re-Issues Bad Faith Opinion  
State Farm Lloyds v. Webb Tx 9-Beaumont 5/4/17—
The appellate court concluded that despite a recent Texas Supreme Court decision clarifying the independent injury rule, there was no evidence entitling the insured to damages for statutory bad faith.
Insures' Claim Time-Barred  
Seim v. Allstate Texas Lloyds Tx 2-Ft Worth 5/4/17—
The appellate court affirmed a summary judgment for the insurer because insureds failed to provide the court with evidence raising a genuine issue of material fact on when the storm damage to their home occurred.
Court clarifies previous ruling that denied dismissal of insurer's reimbursement claims under ERISA  
Connecticut General Life Ins. Co. v. Elite Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery, LLC SD Tx 5/4/17—
Court issues order clarifying that abuse of discretion standard was not appropriate analysis to determine whether insurer's reimbursement claims under ERISA should be dismissed
Court grants summary judgment to liability insurer due to insured's failure to tender claim for defense  
Gavion v. ACE American Ins. Co. SD Tx 5/4/17—
Court finds that insured's failure to tender claim for defense in underlying tort action precluded any duty of defense owed by insurer
Split Widens Among Appellate Courts On Construction of a Unilateral Appraisal Clause  
In Re Guideone Mutual Insurance Co. Tx 10-Waco 5/3/17—
Another appellate court has held that even when the insurer is the only party to the policy with the right to demand appraisal, that right is non-waivable, rejecting the Dallas Court of Appeals' construction.
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